Concentration games as a means for improving attention levels

Posted by Todd | On: Mar 19 2014 | Comments (0)
Why do we need concentration games? Very often we feel like we have problems with our memory because we are forgetting things. Not always we can blame it on the memory. In many cases it is our concentration that is lacking. Namely, being constantly bombarded with...

Memory Trick – Remember Dates

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Here is a nifty little trick I learned many years ago. It’s nothing special but it’s a nice brain exercise. You might find in useful for impressing friends how good your memory is. When you master this memory trick  you will be able to correctly determine...

Thinking that you can improve memory will improve memory

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Several times I have started my articles with the claim that the human brain is an amazing thing. It can create something out of nothing although we not always realize that creation is happening. The brain has extraordinary potential and you can use this to improve...

ZOX Pro Training System Review

Posted by Todd | On: Sep 01 2013 | Comments (1)
People have high and mostly misleading opinion about their personal brain performance. I believe that we are way smarter than we actually think we are. The ZOX Pro Training System is a useful way to discover your intellectual capacity and to improve your brain...

We Neglect Our Brains Constantly – Improve Memory Power

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The human brain is an amazing thing. It has extraordinary powers and even greater potential. It is truly sad how little attention we pay to properly developing our brain. Compared with the amount of time we spend on improving our bodies, we almost completely neglect...

Mind Games – Chess

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I have repeatedly written about the benefits of mind games on brain development. Playing mind games will surely improve memory and increase brain power and if you combine it with other techniques and hard work will definitely allow you to achieve higher mental...

Depression And Stress Shrink The Brain – Improve Memory

Posted by Todd | On: Nov 21 2012 | Comments (1)
There has already been a scientific confirmation that it is possible for the human brain to shrink in volume and I already wrote about it, but here come another one. According to Yale scientists, depression or chronic stress can cause the loss of brain volume,...

The Brain Hates Rule Changes

Posted by Todd | On: Aug 17 2012 | Comments (1)
In my posts I have been repeatedly talking that with proper brain training it is possible to increase brain power and improve memory, but I have also emphasized that you will need to work hard to accomplish that goal. The reason for this is the fact that the brain...

Intelligence wins

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It is not important how big, powerful or rich you are. It all comes down to what you have in your head.        

Olympic Sports Are Helpful For Improving Memory And Increasing Brain Power

Posted by Todd | On: Aug 09 2012 | Comments (1)
These days everybody is talking about the Olympics in London. Although interesting to watch you might think that Olympic sports do not have anything in common with improving memory or increasing brain power. But the researchers from the Mayo Clinic might not agree...